Beware of the Trickery of Costco Merchant Accounts

Let me first say that we absolutely love Costco! They have incredible deals on most products, and those giant bags of pita chips are irresistible around the office. Please beware that the good deals stop when it comes to a merchant more

No Need to “Chase” After Three-Tier Pricing at Chase Bank

This week, we headed on over to Chase Bank to look into a merchant account. We quickly found out that Chase Paymentech uses one of the most common credit card processing fee structures – the three-tier system. The first tier is known as the Qualified Rate, which is when an individual swipes their credit card in your retail location in person. … read more

National Bankcard MISLEADS You Into Thinking You’ll Get 0.39%

Click the image to view National Bankcard's REAL rates and fees! We’re always amazed by what extent our competitors’ salespeople will go to in order to land a new merchant account, and National Bankcard is no different. Their misleading sales tactics motivate us to continue exposing the lies and trickery of credit card processing companies.… read more


All across the web, we see “flat rates” being advertised to unsuspecting merchants. Because of this blatant misrepresentation, we then have to explain to potential customers that they’re being scammed. Here’s the truth about the “One Flat Rate” scam! All banks and processors have the exact same costs from Visa, MasterCard and Discover.… read more

Consumer Confidence

You know as much as anyone else that in the current state of the economy people aren’t as impulsive with the way they spend their money, so why should you be impulsive when choosing a credit card processor? The credit card processing industry is multi-level labyrinth of fees and confusion that cloud your bottom line price point.… read more