How do I download my terminal/FD 50?

Press Enter and Zero at the same time Password: 990712, enter Press Set Up Password: 990712, enter Press Erase Press Run Terminal will reboot Press ZTK Highlight TID: Key in the Terminal ID (TID) give to you from the processor Highlight AK: Key in application FDO1001, Enter Press File to set modem Press Modem Enter download number: 18666738508 Press Save Press Run… read more

Instructions for downloading the Way terminal/Way1510/1556/Full Remote Download Process

With the terminal on, perform a deactivate function then an activate function. The sections which are in bold are functions you must select on the terminal. Deactivate: Menu -Way2Pay -Select – Setup -Select -POS Setup -Select -Input -1234 -OK -Arrow down to deactivate -Select – Terminal Deactivated message -OK Activate: (If you are already at the activate menu, skip ahead to activate and proceed) Menu -Way2pay –Select -Activate – Select -accept default setting on all the following messages and select OK 6 times – Register terminal -OK – Signal Strength – OK -WAIT…..The merchant information is being downloaded.… read more

How do I Unregister my terminal “Spectra”, after the terminal has been deactivated at Charge Anywhere.

Turn off terminal Power on immediately after second beep, key quickly 792 Terminal will prompt for Access code if step 2 was done properly Key in 782377, Enter Select 2 SW List Select 6 Charge Anywhere Select 1 De-Activate Terminal will ask for a password; key in 000000, Enter Terminal will go back to the list Select 6 Charge Anywhere Select 2 Activate Press Menu until terminal reboots itself.… read more