Are You Cultivating Creativity in Your Small Business?

Ever hired a new employee and experienced the frustration of them wanting to do things a ‘new’ way? Perhaps you’ve been selling, organizing, or administrating the same way for months (or even years) and now this ‘new’ person wants to try something that they think is ‘better.’ Rather than seeing their idea as a challenge to your leadership, what would happen if you actually cultivated space for their creative vision?read more

Want Guaranteed Success as a Small Business? Solve a Problem!

I meet entrepreneurs all the time who are (over)flowing with passion about their new idea, gadget, or shiny-new-thingy. They’ve be drinking deeply from the well of their own Kool-Aid, and they can’t seem to get enough. One of the first questions I always ask them is… “What problem are you solving?” They usually look at me with that deer-in-the-headlights look accompanied by a “huh?” “What’s the problem?” I ask again.… read more