What are Dues and Assessments?

Dues and Assessments are fees that go to the payment network (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). They are essentially maintenance fees for the infrastructure (information transmitted between acquiring and issuing banks, operating the network, setting rules and pricing, research and development and marketing/branding).… read more

What are POS-WATS vs POS-AUTH on my statement?

POS-WATS and AUTH are both forms for authorizations. POS stands for Point of Sale. POS-WATS is when a terminal dials out to a toll fee number whereas POS-AUTH is when a terminal dials out using a system of many lines. For example a split connection (terminal shares fax/phone line).… read more

What is the difference between online debit and offline debit?

The difference is whether a PIN (personal identification number) is used at the time of sale. When a PIN is used the debit transaction becomes “online” and the funds are immediately withdrawn from the customer’s checking account. If the customer were to log onto their banking account, they should see the sale amount “pending.” When an offline debit transaction occurs, funds are not withdrawn for approximately 2-4 days (usually when the transaction process)… read more

What is the Visa ACQ ISA on my statement?

This is an universal fee that all processors may charge if applicable. If you do not take international cards this does not apply. EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2008, VISA IMPLEMENTED A NEW INTERNATIONAL SERVICE ASSESSMENT (ISA) FEE FOR CERTAIN ELIGIBLE INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS.… read more

What is the MasterCard NABU fee?

NABU stands for Network Access Branding Usage. This fee is be assessed to all sales and return transactions, processed at a US merchant, with a MasterCard Credit or Signature Debit card. Trransactions from US merchants for NON US cardholders will not be accessed the NABU Fee.… read more

How can I cancel my terminal lease?

You will need to reach out to First Data Global Leasing. Their customer service phone number is 877-257-2094. Please have your lease account number available and/or your merchant id number.… read more

How come by deposits are less than my batch totals?

If your deposits are less than your batch totals, you are set up on what the processing banks calls daily discount. This means the processing bank will take out your qualified discount rate prior to depositing the funds into your bank account.… read more