Best Merchant Rates Featured in Major Publications

With the start of our new web-based education series, Best Merchant Rates is directly addressing the confusion that many small business owners experience in the process of acquiring a merchant account. By investigating specific merchant account providers such as Costco, Quickbooks, Elavon, and Chase Bank, we are highlighting hidden fees and escalating rates that aren’t discovered oftentimes until the merchant’s first statement arrives.… read more

You Aren’t Immune to Hackers… PCI Compliance is Critical!

As I was flipping through my daily copy of the Wall Street Journal, I came across an article that’s becoming all to familiar – “Hackers New Target: Small Firms With Lax Security.” Accompanying the photo of a sullen shop owner was the article that outlined how he was stuck with a $22,000 bill because cyber thieves planted a software program on the cash registers at his two Chicago-area magazine shops that sent customer credit-card numbers to Russia.… read more