Instructions for downloading the Way terminal/Way1510/1556/Full Remote Download Process

With the terminal on, perform a deactivate function then an activate function. The sections which are in bold are functions you must select on the terminal.
Menu -> Way2Pay -> Select – > Setup -> Select -> POS Setup -> Select ->Input -1234 -> OK -> Arrow down to deactivate -> Select – >Terminal Deactivated message -> OK
Activate: (If you are already at the activate menu, skip ahead to activate and proceed)
Menu -> Way2pay –> Select -> Activate – Select -> accept default setting on all the following messages and select OK 6 times – > Register terminal -> OK – >Signal Strength – > OK -> WAIT…..The merchant information is being downloaded. Wait for the message “Configuration Completed” to be displayed. -> OK
Log on and test. Assure the header and merchant numbers is correct. Also assure the authorization is correct and not “Offline” or “Demo”.